Get the real-time visibility you need to build and manage your teams

Fraction provides a multi-dimensional view into your organization that helps executives understand what their team looks like, where the gaps are and how to align people to strategic changes.

Improve planing and organizational agility across your teams

Fraction helps you

Fraction Cross Functional teams
Visualize how work actually gets done
Fraction aligns people to priorities
Align people to company priorities
Build and prioritise hiring plans
Build and prioritize
hiring plans

Org chart designed for product teams

View the organization the way you work, in teams, squads, tribes and projects. Build hiring plans, track budgets and model future scenarios.

Fraction multi-dimensional org
Fraction Hiring Plan

Full visibility into your hiring plans

Keep track of vacancies and budgets. Empower hiring managers to submit and collaborate on headcount requests.

Build and manage teams

Make better decisions allocating new hires to teams with insights like ratios and capacity. Align teams to products and goals to understand resource allocation.

Build teams in Fraction
Fraction KPI dashboard

KPI dashboard

Continuous visibility into how the organization is evolving. Stay on top of plans and budget. Automate board and leadership team reporting for current and future scenarios.

We integrate with 60+ HR systems

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